Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Way Things Go and The Honda One Take Ad

Sarah, great post on the top 7 one take videos. That one from Quebec (Black Eyed Peas Cover) has really unleashed a craze this week-end. The Honda cog ad, you may be glad to know,  is in fact based directly on a famous Fischli and Weiss art film called "The Way Things Go." It's a rube goldberg contraption; an early masterpiece in art video and very famous. The DVD sold en masse at museums across the country (and on amazon and everywhere) and then Honda must have paid as well to make their ad in direct homage. Kinda interesting in light of our 280 discussion last thursday, too, vis a vis art, advertising...and the quick and the slow. Check it out. I have the whole film of this if anyone wants to watch it sometime too. It's 26 min.

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