Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Human Experiment

This is an interesting experiment done by a group called the FunTheory. This group believes in changing people's behavior by making things fun to do. In this case, they changed the stairs to be a walking piano to see if more people would take the stairs instead of the elevator. Check it out!


Excaliborn7 said...

That is really spectacular. Top notch social project and art. COnceptual beautifully, visually striking, interactive, and totally fun (I wish I could try would make me want to run stairs more!). The fact that it results in making people less lazy is also awesome. A little similar to the concept of wii fit, right? Make people experience by keeping things fun. I love it.

Tessa said...

I'm kind of echoing Ben's comment, here, but I really wish I would have thought of something like this. Not only is it a social experiment, but it also is visually artistic with the black and white keys, and it also musically artistic (though, I doubt the music always sounds pleasant when there are a lot of people using the stairway). I wonder if there were any people, who tried to play an actual sound using the stairs.

Sydney said...

I LOVE this idea!!! its a great example of how art can be interactive. This sort of makes me feel upset that it had to be artists to come up with the idea, and stairs are not inherently piano keys. But its a great idea and the video is also well done. Great find!