Thursday, October 22, 2009

The WTF Blanket (snuggie parody)

This video makes a joke of a pretty well-known commercial. It reminded me a little of our subdubbing project because it uses a real clip and substitues the narration. Anyways, my friends and I thought it was funny... especially since one of them actually has this. CAUTION: this clip does contain profanity.


Sydney said...

HAHAHA.. this is funny... I have seen this real commercial and think its ridiculous. Some of the inventions people come up with are just weird. I liked the mockery. It was unexpected but fit well. It was a little long though

Excaliborn7 said...

Love this. There are lots of vids out there by people who have overdubbed in this manner over a variety of infomercials. Many of them are brilliant. Here's another funny one.

Also, I think it'd be worthwhile, because the snuggie has become a true cultural phenomenon and also a wild financial success (not unlike crocs) to use it in some sort of performance project or exhibit that made new light of the snuggie in a different context than the infomercial sense or with its regular, practical use. Any ideas?

Matt B said...

As funny as this video was I am quite frustrated with the hatred and stigma that follows the amazing product that is the Snuggie.

It is advertised as nothing more than as a "blanket with sleeves". And if you have ever bought one and worn it you will notice that it is amazing. That's right, I love my Snuggie.

With that being said, try being cold and drink a beer while watching tv with a normal blanket. It sucks. Buy the Snuggie.