Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Real or Fake?

Here is the Youtube channel by the creators of the famous "kid freaks out over wow" video. There is a dispute about whether these videos are real or fake.

The more I watch the videos, the more I believe these are genuine/candid video captures of a boy who quiet simply looses his temper often and easily. It seems that his family is aware of the boy's predicable reactions to particular circumstances that make him "freak out". So in this way the videos may be fake (or staged) in that his family sets up these scenarios that take advantage of his responses, which seems much more authentic.

What do you guys think about the other videos? Does the fact that there are more of them make them seem more produced, and thus, less real?


Sidney said...

I can't decide whether or not these videos are staged. It seems like it could easily go either way. To me this boy seems to be an incredibly disturbed kid; the freak outs--especially the first one-- are so violent and intense that I feel they would be hard to fake. However, if they are real, the fact that this family is using these episodes for some sort of popularity profit is just disgusting. Again, regardless of whether this is real or staged, it's interesting to see how far people will go for their 15 minutes.

Excaliborn7 said...

Wow, ok, so this makes sense. This is a family (or a brother) that is using the emotionally "irregular," likely to some degree autistic, brother as a means to capture real emotional fits which they then parlay into a form of entertainment for the world wide web.

From a moral angle, it's terrible, yes.

The moral angle is the one we most like to pronounce (especially to each other), yet I fear that at bottom it is a weak force when set against curiosity, narcissism, and desire.