Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fifty Londoners, one question.

This is an amazing video. It is a very raw look into culture, perhaps more so into humanity. It takes a simple question that calls upon the individual to share their deepest desires, needs, or fantasies. Occurring on the street corner, the question catches the public unaware during their daily business forcing them to come up with an answer, may it be hastily fabricated or slowly discovered in the individual. The camera is like a megaphone turned backwards towards the viewer's eye, capturing every expression, idea, and characteristic of the people featured.

This video is a delicate and precise version of the exercise that the Arts 280 class participated in a few days ago, concerning the interaction of people during a dialogue of questions and answers.

I think this video captures a few other things that we have talked about in class, but I'm leaving it up to you guys to say what.

Fifty People, One Question: London from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.


Schuyler said...

After watching this for the third time, I began to wonder about the effect of the video on its participants and myself, on a deeper level than its entertainment value. No doubt it is mesmerizing, mostly due to the composition and details of presentation.

Do the people have a better idea of themselves after being asked the question? Do I even know where I would want to wake up? Maybe, home. The variety of answers reveal how people think about their current environment. Its quiet impressive.

Sydney said...

I believe the musical component to this video is crucial. Its moving, emotional, breathtaking and thoughtful. I really enjoyed the idea of the movie and thought that it was edited very well.

Its just a simple question and somehow triggers thoughts about the progression of peoples lives. Its interesting that when people are interviewed together they seem to keep their own personal thoughts and do not seem to be swayed by what the others in the frame say.