Saturday, October 17, 2009

Figurines: The Way to a Woman's Heart

Cheap budget or a good video?

I personally could not stop laughing while watching this video. The combination of the lyrics and figurines... All I could think of was someone trying to use this on me to "woo" my heart.
Artistically, though, do the figurines even have value to what he is trying to say? I mean, the dinosaur? Really?


Excaliborn7 said...

A little earnest/cheesy style but overall a pretty good tune. I kinda liked it. I don't think this has a high budget but it doesn't look like it has a super low budget either. Is Griffin House a famous or semi-famous singer? I haven't heard of him until now (but that just may mean I am out of the loop on something!)

Sydney said...

I personally felt it was contrived and that he seemed a little desperate with some of the lyrics. if you didnt listen to the words, the tune was great but then he plasters the words all over the screen so you couldnt help avoid them. they, to me, made the women in the video look weak.... i dont know if im over analyzing but thats what I felt