Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Symphony of Science

I'm not sure how others will feel about this video, but I am obsessed with it. It's such a neat way to transform other videos and famous voices and then realign it with original music. It turns out to be a rather beautiful song


Sydney said...

ummm... i can see why you are obsessed.. its a great video!! I dont really have much else to say.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when the lips do not align with the mouth and surprisingly this video did not have too many of these mismatches. I liked it and it was clever. Made documentaries, which is Im sure where most of these clips came from, more interesting.

Zoey said...

I also really enjoyed watching this video. I agree that it is such a great way to compile interesting people and what they have to say, and give it an unique spin to make it more fun to watch. I thought the footage in this was also really great. Very cool.

Excaliborn7 said...

I saw this video just recently and I like it too, very nicely put together, along with several other auto-tune driven pieces.
Did you all see you can download an auto-tune app by T-Pain for your iphone? Sarah T posted a link about it on here. It costs a couple bucks but I think it may be well worth it. We have to try it.
Nice post. Love the vid.

Tessa said...

I definitely think we should get the T-pain app if we get the opportunity. After seeing this, I realized there are a lot of different things we could try using an autotune.

Also, I really liked how visually stimulating this video was. It sounded good, and it was pretty to look at. Towards the end, however, I got a little bored listening/watching repetitive clips.

ejannar said...

I agree that this is beautiful and really well done. I never thought Bill Nye could be so inspiring... I definitely remember watching the episode that that clip came from when I was a kid. It really made me think about what my first conceptions of space and the universe were as a child... really interesting!