Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feltron, Anual Reports, Daily datan

Nicholas Feltron is a NYC based designer who has become famous for his personal annual reports. He obsessively records his actions: what he reads, eats, how he spends his time, who he spends it with, and where. His infographic displays are fascinating. In his most recent (2008) he conflates his time spent in Grand Theft Auto IV with his real life data.

Daytum is his side project to make it easier for you to be OCD with your personal data. As Joanna put it, it's like but for ANYTHING you want to keep track of.

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Tessa said...

This is so crazy! By translating your life into numbers, I think you are forced to think about your life in a much different sense. Also, I remember you showing me the actual pamphlet he creates, and it's really visually appealing with smart, clean graphics. Illustrating these tallies with graphs and charts also has more of an impact.

I can see the website being really useful for a project or something though,