Sunday, October 18, 2009

Watch This!

I suppose this could be fake, but in any case this is an pretty amazing treatment of some supposedly real security cam video. Another brilliant musical mosh up.  If indeed this guy is inebriated then I suspect he's on something much more than alcohol.  Striking piece.


Sidney said...

I agree that the music accompanying the video is pretty outstanding. But I just can't believe this is real. If it's staged, what do the other people's responses say about the piece? If it's not staged what does this guy's action and the other people's responses say about our state of humanity?

Tessa said...

I watched this video at work with my boss for the first time last week. As we watched the video progress, we wondered why no one called the cops when they saw his state? Also, we figured that this must have taken place at like 10 in the morning because it was light outside and there were a few old men coming in and out of the store. Buying beer at 10 in the morning... it makes me kind of sad.