Monday, October 5, 2009

Precariously Placed Desire

Here is a photo I took today in the science building. Can you see it? Its a Kit-Kat bar placed on the ledge to the right. I could see that it was unopened, so I figured that it would be safe to eat. I wanted it badly, but I was helpless and the thought of falling 3 stories over a candy bar was discouraging.

Although I was disappointed that I couldn't grab it, I became amused by the possibilities about how it came to be there. Was I a victim of a prank or an experiment? What did its previous owner intend upon placing it there?

This experience provoked a emotional reaction within me and got me thinking about risk v. reward, helplessness, and desire. If the experience were to be replicated/transformed/extrapolated upon, it might yield a fun and interesting project.


Julie said...

i like the way you think-- let's torture people!

Excaliborn7 said...

Very cool pic, and I really like the way you discuss your reaction- both conceptually and emotionally. The seed for an effective project does exist here, certainly.